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Audi grandsphere concept
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High-class for the future

With the Audi grandsphere concept Audi is showing an interpretation of the sedan of the future. The second in a series of visionary concept cars provides a glimpse of how tomorrow’s first-class automotive comfort will look: electric, automated, intuitive – and with plenty of individual space for immersive experiences.

Audi grandsphere concept
Interior view of the Audi grandsphere concept with a view out of the panoramic roof.

The Audi grandsphere concept is an experience device that adapts to the needs of its passengers. The recessed seats and wide glass surfaces support the feeling of open space.

The highlights of the Audi grandsphere concept world premiere

The automobile as experience device and as a platform for experiences that appeal to all the senses: The vision behind the Audi grandsphere concept took shape at the Audi Design Center in Ingolstadt – making it the ideal place to present the concept car to the public via livestream in a digital world premiere. Witness here once again how Hildegard Wortmann, member of the AUDI AG board of management, Henrik Wenders, head of the AUDI AG brand, Marc Lichte, head of AUDI AG design, and Dr. Christiane Zorn, head of AUDI AG product marketing, officially unveil the Audi grandsphere concept.

Audi grandsphere concept
Top-down view of the Audi grandsphere concept with a view of the interior through the panoramic roof.

Large glass surfaces and clear, organic lines combine together to form a holistic body, giving the Audi grandsphere concept a unique silhouette.

Tomorrow, made by Audi

Just like the other concept car, the Audi grandsphere concept provides a glimpse of the future at Audi. But who is behind the concept? Developers, designers, and engineers get the chance to speak in the documentary and give an insight into the process that made the Audi grandsphere concept possible in the first place.

Audi grandsphere concept